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Who is eligible to participate in the Entrepreneur Retreat?

The retreat is targeted for seasoned entrepreneurs, typically individuals who have led a company they founded for 10-15+ years or been a founder of multiple businesses over a similar period. Many attendees may have exited a business they started and most will also have be active contributors outside of their business roles. Each attendee is someone who values the opportunity to interact and intimately connect with other very successful entrepreneurs who also give first in ways that benefit others.

Invitations to register will be extended by the retreat organizers. If you are a past SERGE participant and know someone who you feel would be a good contributor to the group, please contact us to discuss as we maintain a wait list until the event is filled. We are particularly interested in bringing more women and minority entrepreneurs into groups to further expand our diversity.

Why is the event “by invitation only”?

The organizers place a priority on having retreat attendees fit the target profile, as well as have a personal outlook compatible with others who are attending. Holding to this narrowly defined profile and selective process has been a key factor for SERGE being a quality group of participants who want to spend time with each other as evidenced by the high return rate each year since we started in 2013.

Why has retreat been organized with the intent of including spouse/significant others?

Most attendees will already be at a mid-life stage that includes heightened awareness about where significant relationships and interactions fit into their life priorities. Spouses/significant other partners of successful entrepreneurs have things in common with each other that they can rarely find in interaction opportunities in other settings. By holding this retreat on an annual basis, we have seen new relationships develop between all retreat participants in a fashion that motivates both entrepreneur and partner to return and renew these relationships in the group.

And in keeping with one of our key retreat themes of having fun - you'll want to share the pleasures and enjoyment of Newport and the retreat program with the person that is special for you.

Who are the retreat organizers? Is the event affiliated with any organization or commercial interest?

SERGE organizers are Martin Babinec, Mark Zitter, and Elisa Miller-Out. All three have been active in leading efforts to build entrepreneurial community at the local, regional and national levels. Pooling their collective insights and relationships has helped shape a dynamic and diverse retreat event whose highlight will be the quality of the participating entrepreneurs and their respective spouses/significant others.

While a significant portion of attendees may have roots to present or past involvement with Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) or Young Presidents Organization (YPO), there is no sponsoring organization or any commercial interest involvement. The retreat organizers launch this event with the sole purpose of advancing interaction and collaboration among leading and influential entrepreneurs in a fashion that will be both rewarding and fun.

How much is the retreat fee and what does it cover? What happens if there is a surplus or deficit in retreat fees?

Registration fee is per couple and includes all of the following:

  • Lodging at the selected venue for the duration of the event (3 nights)
  • All meals and beverage throughout the event
  • Various activities, including any transportation and venue fees
  • Meeting rooms and social venue fees; on site program and entertainment expenses
  • Wireless internet access on premises at the hotel
  • Mandatory hotel fees including fitness center access
  • Retreat handout materials and gifts
  • Group photo to memorialize the gathering

The registration fee is not reduced if entrepreneur attends unaccompanied as the conference budget has been developed presuming attendance by both entrepreneur and their spouse/significant other.

There is no allocation in the retreat fee for program administration, management or marketing - expenses for these items are borne fully by the retreat organizers.

The fiscal goal of the retreat is to break even. In the event there is any surplus retreat fees following the payment of expenses noted above, the surplus would be retained for use in next event. Should expenses be greater than that collected from retreat fees, the financial risk will be borne by the retreat organizers.

What is the deadline and process to remit payment of the retreat fee?

Early registration for the retreat is recommended as we will limit the number of attendees to ensure an intimate environment conducive to the retreat goals. Attendees from the prior year’s SERGE are offered a one week advance period to register before invitations are extended to other individuals.

Once invitations are opened up beyond the prior year’s attendees, registration remains open until our maximum of 25 entrepreneur slots are filled.

In the unlikely event we still have any unfilled slots by June 30, 2024 registrations after that date may also be subject to room availability and a higher registration fee based on increased room rate that may apply.

Your sponsoring retreat organizer (either Martin, Elisa or Mark) will forward the link needed to complete an online registration. Contact any one of them as needed.

Full payment of the retreat fee is required upon registration. Cancellations will be processed subject to the following guidelines:

  • Up to June 15 – 50% to be refunded *
  • Up to June 30 – 20% to be refunded *
  • After June 30 – no refund *

*Should a cancelled registration be filled from an individual on our approved waiting list we would refund the registration minus a $250 processing fee. No assurance is made that an alternate on the waiting list will be available as we will not be inviting a significant number of people greater than the projected retreat attendance.

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