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Seasoned Entrepreneurs Gathering Exchange (SERGE) is a two and a half day gathering of 25 accomplished entrepreneurs, along with their spouses/significant others – all of whom are interested in interacting with like-minded people. We aim for a relaxed, retreat setting that combines peer-to-peer learning with group recreation and social activities.

This is a by invitation only gathering organized by entrepreneurs who know many other entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. We’ve invited people we know well enough to believe they fit our target profile of entrepreneurs who:

  • have led a company they founded for 10-15+ years or been a founder of multiple businesses over a similar period;
  • have been active outside of their own business and family with some involvement in their community of interest - be it local, industry, charitable, public policy or other; and
  • are fun people to be around.

Browse through our site to learn more about how our peer-to-peer learning approach, full participation of spouse/significant others in all SERGE activities, coupled with the unique history and character of the host city make SERGE a rewarding and memorable opportunity.

We anticipate strong renewal commitment from attendees at our prior SERGE’s in Sedona, Vail, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Boulder, La Jolla and South Beach Miami. At the same time, a select few new people may also join the ranks.

As our participant list firms up with paid registrations, we’ll assess survey responses and dialogue to crowdsource the final learning program topics and session facilitators.

To learn more, call or email the organizer that invited you or email

Martin Babinec, Keith Alper & Mark Zitter
SERGE Organizers

Seasoned Entrepreneur Gathering Exchange
By Invitation Only

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