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SERGE is a two and a half day gathering of 25 accomplished entrepreneurs and their spouses/significant others. Participants come together to interact with like-minded people who help each other. Lasting relationships are built among participants in a relaxed, retreat setting that combines peer-to-peer learning with group recreation and social activities,

This all volunteer by-invitation-only gathering is organized by entrepreneurs who have network reach to other entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. Event fees cover cost of the event itself and there are no paid staff, administrative fees or other overhead.

Candidates for SERGE are people who:

  • ·       have led a company they founded for 10-15+ years or been a founder of multiple businesses over a similar period;

·        are givers that have been active outside of their own business and family with involvement in their community of interest - be it local, industry, charitable, public policy or other; and

·        are fun people to be around

Learning program themes and topics are crowd sourced from each year’s cohort with input drawn from entrepreneurs and their plus one partners. Facilitators for each topic are drawn from attendees who then guide discussion engaging the broader group.  

Most attendees will be at a mid-life stage that includes heightened awareness about where significant relationships and interactions fit into their life priorities. Plus one partners of successful entrepreneurs also have things in common with each other that they can rarely find in interaction opportunities in other settings. By holding this retreat on an annual basis, new friendships develop in a fashion that continue interactions between annual gatherings, as well as motivate both entrepreneur and partner to return and renew in person contact.

Visit for more information, including description of the most recent event.

Organizers/Advisors for SERGE 2024 Newport:

Mark Zitter Founder Zetema Project and Zitter Health Insights

Martin Babinec Founder TriNet [NYSE: TNET], UVC, Entrepreneurs Across Borders

Elisa Miller Out CoFounder Chloe Capital

For more information email Mary Lou Herringshaw at or call 315-868-6368

Seasoned Entrepreneur Gathering Exchange
By Invitation Only

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