By Invitation Only


Learning program themes and topics are selected on the basis of input from attendees (both entrepreneurs and partners). Any topic selected will also feature a volunteer from the group to lead a BRIEF personal insight on the selected topic and follow a structured format to facilitate guided interaction within the group.

In drawing upon our experience at prior SERGE’s, emphasis of the learning program isn’t so much on the facilitator presenting, but instead contributions gleaned from an active group discussion.

With partners invited to attend any segment of the learning program they wish, our total group discussion could involve as many as 50 persons.

To keep the discussion flowing and staying within our agreed upon timeframes, we will share a draft discussion protocol to be reviewed, modified and approved by the group at the opening session.

We may also query the group for a selection of one or two topics that is more presenter oriented.

The closing learning segment will have no selected topic as it will be reserved for attendee sharing on thoughts of interest/value to the group not already covered in the program.

Here are some possible tracks and representative sub topics:

Executive leadership in the larger, more mature enterprise

Life After Liquidity

Public Service & Public Policy

Personal Finance

Health and Family

Advancing Entrepreneurship

Final topics and discussion facilitators will be determined based on input and preferences gathered following event registration.